SUMMARy: Improve church performance by inspired, workable plans and godly advice on current challenges in the church.


A member of Church Leader Pearls group recently met with a head pastor regarding the fire fighting that prevailed in that particular church.

On evaluation of the situation, it turned out that pulpit sermons and home care groups were the main interactions the members had with the church. These contacts were mainly inspirational and evangelical.

The rapid growth of this church resulted in scores of enthusiastic new and young people, with little or no understanding of the shared beliefs, values, customs, and behaviours to follow. These aspects are essential to a church society. They also create the cohesion that enables Christians to cope with our world and with one another. Besides, our known values, customs and beliefs spell out the interdependent roles between the clergy and the laity.

To address the energy consuming fire fighting that was prevalent, our Church Leader Pearls colleague suggested to the head pastor that a free, self-learning DVD be produced, summarising the principles of Christianity as practised in that denomination. This orientation aid was distributed to all new members.

Three months later, the local pastor reported that there was greater unity, improved communications, reduce chaos, and he now did not have to put out fires all the time. Importantly, he said, it had introduced a loyalty to the church, and a resolve among members to introduce or attempt to introduce their friends and family to Jesus Christ and their church.

The challenges and false teachings churches face, alter the priorities for prayer and action of the church leader. The demands also equip leaders to use, adapt, or initiate new approaches, if needed.

Concerns over situations will invariably arise. However, you can retain the initiative in such circumstances. Our devotions and reliance on the leading of the Holy Spirit alert us to dissatisfactions and agendas of those around us; so unpleasant surprises are unusual. Our responses and actions when difficult situations do occur should be inspired to result in healthy advantage to the performance of the church.

Accepting fully that our purpose flows from, and must align with the overarching commission from our Lord and Master (Mark 16:15-18); church leaders must work out the specific direction or goals or solutions for a local church.

Church Leader Pearls suggests that it helps to express these goals clearly, and to share them with the leadership and members. It helps to take early action and prevent festering and disruption. Fruitful and peaceful progress can result. The power of your prayers, love, wisdom, and action plans, can win the support of all pertinent congregants and contribute to a thriving church.

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