SUMMARY: God can help you grow even in the face of stifling false teachings.


People convert to Christianity and lives change when God uses preaching or teaching to convey faith into the hearts of believers. However, the preaching or teaching must be truth and only truth, from the written infallible word of God (Rom 1:16-17).

People go to church because they want to experience God, bond with Jesus and encounter the Holy Spirit. Being at church is about this special, spiritual intimacy with the invisible God who exists, and whom they have come to worship, alongside others in the church.  

They love the singing together as part of the body of Christ. They love the quiet time for prayer. They want Holy Spirit inspired preaching or teaching of the scriptures; all of this because it impacts their own spirits and enriches their faith.

Church Leader Pearls rejects the view of false teachers that claim that God does not need our praise and worship. They teach that praise and worshiop is for the personal "feel-good" experiences of the persons doing the praising and worshipping. These are the kinds of challenges and false teachings churches face. The scriptures are full of exhortations and instructions to believers to praise and worship our God. Heb 2:12 is just one example, in the midst of the congregation will I sing praise unto thee.   

Our faith is not based on fate. That's a pagan notion and a false teaching contrary to scripture, that everything we do and everything that happens to us is fixed unchangeably in advance, long before it occurs. Listening in church to such theological theories and biblical explanations mixed with science fiction; or metaphors that discount the works and ways of God, these are the kinds of challenges and false teachings churches face. Church Leader Pearls contends that these cannot helpfully impact your spirit, or enrich your faith.

It can look like superior spiritual food, but it is like feeding on chaff not herbs, curd not milk, meat substitute and not the real meat of the word. It adds not one grain to your faith in God. People leave more confused and parched than when they come into church. No wonder then that some leave never to come back. Many stay and cling on to the true word of God that they once might have heard (Jude 3).

Others wrestle with the strange thirst and inner emptiness, hoping sincerely that God in his love and mercy will satisfy their longing. And God will. God deals with his children by divine providence, whereby he interacts with and responds to the prayers of the righteous. Our prayers and faith cause many good things to happen that would otherwise not occur.

We were not there when God created the world by his word, but by faith, we believe that he did. Jesus promised that he will return and take the faithful to heaven. He has not yet come but we have faith to believe that he will. We have confidence in his word of promise. Faith is also like energy, that helps focus our walk as Christians, especially in sufferings and troubles; sacrifice and lack. Through all these evens our faith in God takes us through and in the process, we learn more about God and his blessings and promises and our relationship with him. We learn to look beyond the circumstances to his promises, his power to deliver and to his presence.  This is faith that has the commitment of the heart and knowledge of the truth of the word of God. 

Faith is not like a hobby that one does in one’s leisure time for pleasure. Faith is the serious foundation of our spiritual lives in God (Heb 11:6). God sees your spiritual progress in the context of the church.

Church Leader Pearls respectfully submits - and your experience will confirm, that no matter what or who, God always comes through for those who diligently seek him. He will make a way for them to grow in him, to draw closer to Jesus, and to experience the regular infilling of the Holy Spirit.

Faith is not a hobby