With God, a brilliant light radiates from him, his dazzling majesty and radiant glory surrounds his throne (Matt 25:31; 1 Tim 6:16; Ezekiel 1:27, 28). John describes this surrounding glory as a rainbow (Rev 4:3), not as we sometimes see in nature - with the colours of the light spectrum, but as a green (emerald) circle.

Christ radiated glorious light when he was transfigured on the mount, and so too did Elijah and Moses who were seen talking with him (Luke 9:30-33). This is a heavenly, spiritual light, which can also surrounds angels and can illuminate their surroundings (Rev 18:1). 

Church Leader Pearls must record the truth that God is not a “universal life force, or a vibration field” that can be directed and channelled - as those who practise Reiki do. God is not the author of Eastern “ki” or “chi” that supposedly flows around a person to form a sort of aura or psychic influence. These are the kinds of challenges and false teachings churches face.

Satan copies all that God does. For healing, Satan offers Reiki. For the word of knowledge, there is telepathy that psychic practise. For the Holy Spirit’s gift of divine wisdom there is psychometrics. With this, the practitioner has the alleged ability to obtain information about a person or event, just by touching an object related to that person or event.

Prophesy through the Holy Spirit is a message from our God. Satan mimics this through clairvoyants who claim they can perceive things or events in the future. 

Church Leader Pearls finds it revealing and obvious that no demonic agent is assigned to copy the Christian discerning of spirits, that is insight into the realm of the spirits. This Holy Spirit gift distinguishes truth from error, right from wrong. It divides the manifestation of the flesh from the operation of the Holy Spirit. It identifies false teaching, and exposes false prophets and demon spirits.
The source of the fake gifts is from Satan, the father of lies. The true Spiritual gifts, opportunities and promises come from God in heaven, from our Father of heavenly lights (James 1:17).

As for the rainbow in heaven, it is emerald green; not composed of a spectrum of light as found on earth. The New Age Movement uses a rainbow to signify their rainbow-bridge between man and Lucifer. That's their business; that's one of their symbols. They can have it, it's not anything like the genuine article around the throne of our God. These are the kinds of challenges and false teachings churches face.

Church Leader Pearls contends that the rainbow and all it dark associations has no place in our beliefs as Christians, or in the practice of our faith. The fake gifts and the multi-coloured healing and auras of Reiki have no value for us. They are what they are, not the genuine article, because there is no Holy Spirit in them! The counterfeit does not belong to Christians – it belongs to Satan; leave it there. These are the kinds of challenges and false teachings churches face.

Nowhere in the Holy Scriptures is the Name of Jesus Christ or the gifts of the Holy Spirit, or the fruit of the Spirit, or the anointing of the Holy Spirit, linked to the colours of the rainbow. Neither does scripture portray sicknesses and diseases as having or radiating colours. 
Church Leader Pearls presents some of the challenges and concerns often triggered by false teachings about Heaven, God and light. Church Leaders must stand firm on the infallible, written word of God. Every word is given, and guided by the Holy Spirit (John 17:8). It will lead God’s children to godly Christian living. Reject all teachings and traditions and philosophies of men that are not contained in, or provable by the Holy Scriptures (2 Cor 4:2; 2 Thes 2:15; 2 Tim 2:15; 3:16, 17).

Deception and lies lead to error and destruction (Gen 3:13; Isaiah 9:14-16). Guard the flock, especially the good, unsuspecting and innocent people who can be easily confounded, confused, and led astray, by false teachings. Church Leader Pearls urges church leaders not to allow the flock to fall prey to false teachings and error.


The Grace of Lord is with You. 

Heaven, God and light