New Generation Christians

SUMMARY: New generation Christians grow if they love God and accept that Christianity is a holy faith.


A young preacher was urging the congregation to let go of the elementary old stuff; and have no fear to embrace the new mysterious revelations and spiritual voyaging. Church Leader Pearls learnt also that later in the day, he experienced severe chest pains and acute dizziness. What helped him was the simple and elementary act of the laying on of hands, and praying for him in simple faith. He immediately recovered.

The search by this generation is for something new and different; to change the old recipe for new outcomes. Church Leader Pearls calls on church leaders to uncover for the flock, and encourage them to walk in, the depths of faith, the practise of serious prayer; the searching of the scriptures; and how to live out, the inward qualities that Jesus taught. Sadly this last aspect is increasingly shunned for intellectual contemplations.

Lets us teach God's people how to strive, to knock, ask and seek in these basics, so that believers may become more godly and more spiritually empowered.

Church Leader Pearls contens that contrary to modern false teachings, these essentials that we as church leaders must uncover and entrench in the church, are not useless baby rituals - that must be over and done with, and replaced by superior mysteries, spiritual voyaging or dubious revelations.

These are the kinds of challenges and false teachings churches face. These so-called elementary, old stuff, old recipes are the foundations, the pillars, the platforms which turn followers into disciples, and disciples into modern heroes of the faith. Detailed study of Hebrews 11 testifies of this. 

Church Leader Pearls respectfully suggests that your part as a leader is to preach the rightly divided word of God, under the power of the Holy Spirit. As leaders in His church we are to contend for the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints. We must teach and encourage the Lord’s people to fight the good fight of faith; take hold of eternal life; strive to enter by the narrow door, and to exercise self-control in all things.

The Holy Spirit is ready to move God's people forward and work with them to change old natures so that believers imitate Jesus Christ. Not many who promote false teachings have themselves changed in their known natures, or transformed discernably towards the image of the Son.

The Master was holy, without evil, was not low or base or unbecoming in his life and conduct; he did not join sinners in sinning with them. 

Every person - novice and seasoned - is at a different point along the road. Many preachers ignore these core realities.

God knows that spiritual maturity is a lifelong process; impossible without a deep love for God; for our fellow Christian believers and for all people – even our enemies. Spiritual growth is a personal journey with the help of the Holy Spirit. Church Leader Pearls contends that spiritual maturity has no superior, mystical short cuts. These are the kinds of challenges and false teachings churches face.

New generation Christians must strive to understand and accept that this is a most holy faith, and as individuals, they must each do their part to build themselves up in this most holy faith. The doctrine of faith, the grace of faith and the exercise of faith, particularly in prayer, is crux to such growth.

As leaders in his church, our quest must be to make and grow such believers in Jesus Christ.