Summary: Sweet little lies from false teachers, confuse and mislead Christians


A colleague of Church Leader Pearls told us of how churchgoers sat rapt as a guest speaker told churchgoers that Jesus did many miracles as a boy. They heard also how the speaker had special knowledge of spiritual things from visions and talks with angels. He insisted that his spiritual encounters were the basis of his teachings, and boldly added that he did not always use the bible as his final source.

The church heard the man explain that holiness, righteousness, purity and humility apply only to Jesus. He said that it was crazy for Christians to try to live these unattainable virtues.

These are the kinds of challenges and false teachings churches face. Church Leader Pearls is among the main advocates exposing this evil and working to rid the church of such false and misleading teachings.

The key trick of the devil is to use sly ideas to rouse natural curiosity. Then a direct lie follows, with just enough truth to make it appear credible. Satan used this tactic with Adam and Eve. False teachers use the same ploy today.

Just like the father of lies, false teachers add to and dispute God’s word. Their sugar coated lies cause people to doubt God’s word, confuse people, and turn them away from God. Sweet little lies prompt people to become lukewarm. It erodes their obedience and loyalty to God and his Word (Isa 30:10).  These are the kinds of challenges and false teachings churches face.

Church Leader Pearls contends that it is false teaching that Jesus performed miracles as a boy. Jesus was about thirty (Luke 3:23) when God anointed him (Matt 3:16-17) at his baptism. After his temptation, Jesus returned in the power of the Holy Spirit (Luke 4:15), and began to preach and teach and do miracles (Acts 10:38; John 2:11).

God’s Word is superior to not only what a preacher’s visions show, and/or his/her talks with angels. God’s word also tests and exposes the devil’s doctrine, sweet little lies, and fables (2 Tim 4:3; Titus 1:9; 2 John 1:9). God the Son fulfilled the scriptures (Matt 26:54); and dealt with Satan by the authority of the scriptures (Matt 4:4-10). What the word of God says and commands is what we must teach; to our children, in the church, to our friends, companions and servants (Deut 6:6).

As for the so-called unattainable virtues of holiness, righteousness, purity and humility, scripture is full of evidence that our God wants us to be pure and humble before him. Church Leader Pearls asks, is it then also crazy to strive to live lives of holiness and righteousness?

Apostle Peter shows that there were holy men and women throughout the ages (1 Peter 3:1-7). Believers can and must be holy.

False teachings that say only Jesus is holy and can be, defy God’s command for his children to be separated from the world and dedicated to Him in love and service and worship, through the Holy Spirit (1 Pet 1:16).

Church Leader Pearls asks, is it crazy for Christians to try to live in righteousness? Obeying the commandments of the Lord our God (Deut 6:25) is righteousness or right doing. The Holy Spirit (Rom 14:17) helps us to walk in this virtue. Jesus our Lord would not have told us to have a strong desire for righteousness (Matt 5:6) through faith in him (Rom 3:22); if it was unattainable. These are the kinds of challenges and false teachings churches face.

Church Leader Pearls urges church leaders to encourage the flock to check out whether the information they get at church; or through any other ways, is accurate, truthful and godly. The early believers went home and checked the scriptures; to see if what Apostle Paul said was true (Acts 17:11). 



Sweet little lies