SUMMARY: Churches face many types of snares but spiritual wisdom and accurate information help us to progress.

There is a right road, a wrong way, and many side paths. Taking the right path makes all the difference. Making the decision as to which route to take, has to take into account the possible snares.
Church Leader Pearls reminds church leaders that among the snares are overambitious plans, competitive pressures from large churches, the urge to compromise truth in search of crowds, the latest revelations of false itinerant teachers, and the differing agendas of co-labourers and laity.
In an eye opening exercise, Church Leader Pearls suggests to church leaders to compare the church they pastor with the seven churches described in the Book of Revelations. What type of church do you pastor?
Not everything that glitters is gold. Available options and opportunities vie for attention. At the place of decision (Isaiah 30:19-26), things must stand or fall by the priorities which the Lord Jesus sets. 

Church Leader Pearls is aware that this approach may not please some close to you who might be mostly logical, rational, and unwise.
Our actions, plans and the direction, in which we mortals lead the church, depend mainly on prayer, meditation, fasting, scriptural examples and the leading of the Holy Spirit. Aligned to this is wisdom and information. Taken together, the better path is spiritually guided and benefits from wise planning; it becomes strong through common sense, and profits wonderfully by keeping abreast of the facts”. (Prov.24:3-4). 

The better path