SUMMARY: How to package the Kingdom of God for the digital brain.


No one could sum things up and deliver hugely vital precepts like our Lord Jesus Christ. He would go to the heart of the matter swiftly and incisively.

John preached the Kingdom of Heaven is near; repent (Matt 3:1-2). Jesus proclaimed, the Kingdom of God is near. Repent and believe (Mark 1:15). Jesus delivered this central message in sharp and precise ways.

Church Leader Pearls respectfully suggests that preachers should consider this pattern as they communicate short and sharp scriptural truth in this digital age. More people are blending their faith and technology through digital reading of the scriptures or Christian social chatter, outside the church.

Church Leader Pearls viewed Research findings that tell us 67% of the world’s entire population use cell phones and they have access to the internet. The reading brain is shifting to the digital brain. New forms of reading are emerging such as power browse, skimming, scanning, rapid reading, keyword spotting, switching. At best, only about 20% of the written material is read.

Less and less time is spent on in-depth and concentrated reading. This age of digital readers switch activities every ten minutes, so it is just not possible for them to engage in deep thought about a topic.

These are the kinds of challenges churches face. Considering all this, Church Leader Pearls helped the senior pastor of a large church, to package the central message of the Kingdom of God. A digital Newsletter was sent to a mixed group between the ages of 19-24. The immediate feedback was positive, with high memory retention of the contents below - even three months later. Participants said they also got to know Jesus better. 


  1. Jesus sums up the law and the prophets:

    1. To love God and neighbours (Matt 22:37-40)

    2. To find Jesus and eternal life (John 5:39; 11:25.17:3)

    3. To live by the Golden Rule: Do to others (Matt 7:12)


  1. Jesus on the new covenant:

    1. To live by faith (Mark 11:22)

    2. To know God and Jesus (John 17:3)

    3. To live in the Spirit (Luke 4:18; John 14:15-17)


  1. Jesus sums up the responsibilities of his followers:

    1. To make disciples (Matt 28:19-20; Mark 16:15)

    2. To do the works of Christ (John 14:12; John 20:21) and bring forth fruit (John 15:16)

    3. To love him and keep his commandments (John 14:15)


  1. Jesus sums up the three levels of faith 

    1. Have faith in God (Mark 11:22; Rom 12:3 measure)

    2. You can move from a little faith (Matt 17:20) to great faith (Matt 8:10; Matt 15:28)

    3. Your faith can be increased (Luke 17:5)


We shall be grateful to receive feedback from you, should you use this approach or a close version of it, in addressing young people on this subject.

The Kingdom of God in a digital package