SUMMARY: The quest for encounters with God.


Many Christians in this generation clamour for “the next level, something deeper, something more, not the same old, same old again”. This is encouraging because it says that there is some degree of faith in their hearts, and a desire to experience God and his Word in a deeper and more intimate way. It also indicates that there is a desire to delve the mysteries of the God of the Bible.

The younger generation must remain interested in growing in God and be guided to understand and accept the biblical, godly principles of growing in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Church Leader Pearls contends that this must remain a constant imperative.

Whenever Jesus spoke, his focus was spiritual and eternal. It is no wonder then that Christians are called to higher and better things; to things unseen and things eternal; to expect the advent of Christ and to anticipate heaven. However, Church Leader Pearls presents the other part of the equation. Christians are also called from sin to Christ, from immortality to holiness and from carnal natures to godly character. Most voyagers want to bypass this route.

The quest for encounters with God and access to spiritual depths is noble. Such journeys of discovery have three main destinations. One is through the guide of the Holy Spirit into the hidden realms to stand legitimately in the divine presence. To embark, the voyager must have clean hands and a pure heart; a singleness of devotion and the hunger and thirst for righteousness.

Church Leader Pearls contends that what false teachers offer reduces this journey to nothing but vain imaginings, without the active and invited guiding of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor 2:10). These are the kinds of challenges and false teachings churches face

The other journey of discovery, is solely through the human power of imagination to travel the caverns of the mind. Depending on the mood and situation, the brain evokes and invents private, creative, audio-visual worlds. It is interesting to note that in this frame, fairy tales, make-believe and fantasies originate. 

The third journey of discover, is through demon spirits called familiar and seducing spirits. This is a journey of deception, delusion and darkness. Magical arts, witchcraft, divination, communicating with the dead, charms, astrology etc. are the channels for this journey. It is a world of darkness and lies. Be afraid. Be very afraid of this voyage. These are the kinds of challenges and false teachings churches face. 

Church Leader Pearls contends that the quest for encounters with God and the journeys that follow are often stirred by what people hear in the church or see on TV or read about. You can see that the route a believer takes determines how and where they arrive, or end-up. This is why false teachings in the church are so dangerous.

All progress to exciting and novel supernatural experiences; all impatience for something more mysterious and progressive; all urges to experiment with alternative conduct - these are realities of this generation - no matter where their source.

Church Leader Pearls humbly suggests that as church leaders, we will have to address these, as Jesus and the Apostles did - in the power of the Holy Spirit, with much prayer and guidance from the scriptures. Perhaps, it is high time that we as leaders go to the next level of anointing and gifting by the Holy Spirit, so that we can with fresh authority and power, equip the flock to stay in the vine, and find the great Shepherd as the ultimate satisfaction.  


The next level