SUMMARY:The real sadness in the world is the decay for the love of God. Mobilise Christians to live righteously in this world.


The world takes pleasure in enjoying what is offensive and opposed to God, his people, his Word and his righteous standards. The spirit of this age is evil and rebels against God. Church Leader Pearls is acutely aware as most church leaders, that the refusal to accept religious beliefs is as widespread today, as the sins that damn the souls of men and women (Romans 1: 21-32). These are the challenges the church faces.
The priority is to keep the “world” out of the church, while using every godly means and opportunity to go into the world and introduce Jesus Christ. People must hear the Gospel, so they can choose to believe or disbelieve.
Leaders can promote the Lord’s standards or compromise these. Followers and disciples of Jesus Christ must be taught to refuse worldly lusts; and to live righteously in this present world. Church Leader Pearls submits that this is among the chief tasks that church leaders face, in this age.
The economy and dire financial straits, perhaps promotes the ever-present message of success formulas, one hears in churches. These are the kinds of challenges and false teachings churches face. We need to teach that God takes care of his children as they shine and remain righteous in a crocked and twisted generation (Phil. 2:15; Psl. 37:25).
Population and pollution, global warming and wars; these and other problems present themselves as the ills in the world. The real ill in the world is in the hearts of human beings - the increased decay for the love of God. We can obtain victory.

Teaching God’s people how to escape the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes and the pride of life, should be among the priorities of church leaders. This will have the added advantage of overcoming the general apathy for making disciples, of promoting the effective witness of the church, and of mobilising Christians to private prayer, meditation and collective intercession. 

We at Church Leader Pearls hold you in prayer, as you perform your sacred duty as a church leader.   



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